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XSight - is a Hyperlocal Social Search Augmented Reality mobile application, or, simply put, Pokemon-Go like Social App.

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Just imagine that...

You can get a quick answer to any question about people and things around you.

It is almost impossible right now to interact online based on what you see in the real world.

You'll definitely love it

Look at something interesting through phone camera, and get information instantly overlay-ed over the the dynamic real world objects in real-time!

Save time with XSight by accessing information faster than ever - in one sight!

To make this possible we develop mobile application,that maps digital information to real world objects with unprecedented accuracy of few centimeters!

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What We Use

Sensor Fusion

Sensor Fusion

Gracefully combines device sensors data for pose estimation and movement tracking.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Uses custom Machine Learning models to implement object detection and facial recognition on device.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Analyses every frame to find points of interest and understand the environment.

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